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The Road to X Factor USA: Auditions

The story of 2 singing hopefuls, who make their very first trip to audition for a singing reality show. Although avid American Idol fans, X Factor USA was the right place and time to start their journey.

Step 1: Auditions - May 24th-25th, 2011

Where: Dallas, TX Convention Center

Who: CC Jean (aka Carrie Jean Curtis)

What: Making the trek from the Twin Citayys down to Dallas to alter the course of Pop Music forever.

Planning to arrive the night prior, a tornado threw her plane off course to none other than Amarillo, TX. Weather was bad, all flights were cancelled, what was the next Pop Diva to do. Distraught and in tears, thinking, this dream may not come true, she calls her spiritual advisor, BABS. Upon the airport closing, CC gets a hotel, opens up a fortune cookie from dinner earlier which reads "When There's a Will, There's a Way." There would be no more tears in CC's eyes. This was happening. Her audition partner, friend, and confidant received a similar fate, being forced to sleep on the floors of the Oklahoma City airport. Tossing and turning, he decides to look at new flights, deciding that he'd given up on all legacy carriers in the US, his fingers typed into the address bar. As our new luck would have it, for a nominal price, both CC and JAbelman rebooked on new, early flights.

Current Status: @Hotel Lawrence in Dallas

Pop Diva here. Just lounging around watching the Idol finale with Jared before we rest, get ready and head back to X Factor central.

Btw, if you aren't watching the finale, you should. It's amazeballs.

Suffice it to say, getting here was... an experience. But Southwest saved me & both Jared and I were in like by 9:30 am and wristbands in hand not too soon after. The crowds are, diverse and judging from that I assume that 50% of the people can't be serious about singing and 25% are not as good as they think they are. So HOPEFULLY that will bode well for Jared & I :)

T-Minus 5.5 hrs before we're in line again so I bid thee adieu. Check out Facebook for pictures, etc!

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